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As of now we are no longer able to take extras after 11am on the working day before delivery.

In order for us to continue offering next day delivery we have to make a few changes, among these the discontinuation of extras.

Everything you need to order should be with us by 11am on the working day before delivery, so that we can make sure that our trucks are loaded safely and securely, to minimise damages and to ensure that we are within the weight limit for each vehicle. Our Transport managers can then decide which trucks are doing which runs depending on the weights and number of deliveries. The drivers can work out their loading plans so that the pallets are positioned correctly on the trucks for safe unloading.

Allowing additions to orders throughout the day has caused many problems:
- The weights are incorrect and the runs have to be reorganised.
- Extras may cause an order to be too big to fit on the pallet space allocated.
- Driver’s loading plans may be incorrect after orders are moved.
- Trying to fit extras onto existing orders can cause damage to stock.

We hope you appreciate our reasons for making this change. We trust that this will enable us to safeguard our ability to continue to provide a next-day delivery service.

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