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La Terra e il Cielo

La Terra e il Cielo

An organic agriculture co-operative founded in 1980 in the Marche Region, Italy, La Terra can be considered as one of the pioneer companies to invest in the field of Italian organic production. The co-operative incorporates 100 associate farms that contribute raw materials; many of them are located in the inland of the Marche and play a very important role in terms of environmental protection and sound rural development.

La Terra e il Cielo has an ethical structure based on:

  • Ecological approach.
  • Anti-GMO actions.
  • Democratic management.
  • Co-operative work.
  • Profits used for social purposes.
  • Support for small organic producers.
  • Fairtrade.
  • Social economy network promotion.

Main La Terra e il Cielo products

La Terra e il Cielo markets a wide range of certified products, such as pasta (spelt, wheat, kamut, corn, buckwheat), cereals, puffed spelt, extra virgin olive oil, tomato sauces, and - last but not least - our fairly traded Caffe della Pace, directly imported from a Guatemalan co-operative of small scale Mayan producers and produced in collaboration with Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu.

Among many other international awards, at the beginning of 2009, La Terra e il Cielo received the Silver Medal for the best durum wheat semolina pasta and wholewheat pasta from the Testzentrum Lebensmittel of Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG).

La Terra e il Cielo Products

Pastificio Veneto

Pastificio Veneto

Founded in 2015 in the small town of Castelfranco Veneto, in the region of Treviso in northern Italy, Pastificio Veneto is a Co-operative with a unique approach – an adventurous start up employing people from the local area who are socially disadvantaged. This new Co-operative is providing jobs, security and a future for people who face particular challenges in life and may find it harder to gain employments in the area. For example men and women with learning difficulties, those less physically able, those escaping abusive relationships, or those that have been long-term unemployed – but whose skills and contribution are nonetheless valued by the business. They are welcomed as equals into the thriving project.

Main Pastificio Veneto Products

The brand selects the very best of locally sourced organic ingredients – local in this instance means Treviso-made Mozzarisella –a delicious vegan mozzarella alternative made from sprouted rice. Pastificio Veneto always runs the business with care and consideration for the environment as one of its cornerstones.

The range includes 4 chilled products, two non-egg vegan options with risella and two classic Italian vegetarian varieties

Pastificio Veneto Products

Algamar - Galicia (Spain) - the underwater vegetable garden of Southern Europe


Galicia (northwestern Spain) has 35% of the total Spanish coastline. It is a region with an abundance and wide diversity of marine species and a deep- rooted seafaring tradition. Its location, between the 42nd and 44th parallels, is, strangely enough, on the same latitude as the coasts of Japan. Algamar is the leading Spanish firm specialising in dried sea vegetables for human consumption.

The company was founded in 1996 by the Fernandez Saa brothers, Clemente and Fermin, consumers and producers of organic foods since the 1970s, with the aim of promoting and spreading the word about the marvelous nutritional properties of Galicia's native sea vegetables.

Ecology and the environment

Some of the oldest living beings on the planet, sea vegetables are also some of the few wild vegetables in the world - a true luxury in these times. They constitute a natural resource that renews itself every year in the sea, making them a stable and sustainable food source.

Another of Algamar's objectives is to run its production facilities completely on renewable energy. Algamar is also participating in the programme to plant 100 million trees in Spain to help combat climate change.

Social concerns

The firm is based in a rural area categorised as being at risk of depopulation. ALGAMAR provides jobs for local people, thus allowing them to stay in their place of origin and help to keep their social and cultural values alive.

Since it was founded, the firm has cooperated closely with the local fishermen's guilds, offering them an innovative alternative to their traditional fishing activities.

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